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Nearly 7,000 students drop out of high school every school day.   As a result of this, Americans experience a yearly 36 billion dollar loss in state and federal income taxes and will experience higher rates of murder, assault, vehicle theft, arson, and burglary.  Of these 7,000 dropouts nearly 30% have proficient math and English skills.  Statistics show that 88% of high school dropouts were passing at the time they decided to abandon their high school education.  Most who dropped out did so simply because they were disinterested and under stimulated.  Many of these young adults report wishing for a second chance to earn a high school diploma.

Wealthy People, Inc. (WPI) is a not-for-profit, 501c3, corporation formed to give a second chance to young adults.  Many of these young adults have the math and English skills and the desire for a second chance at becoming more productive citizens.  Through the WPI School, we are partnering with the CASAS NEDP program to provide these young adults with a nationally recognized high school diploma.  In addition to a high school diploma, these young adults will be given the opportunity to learn and grow within their communities as they complete a customized curriculum that will enable them to gain the knowledge to develop a business plan as well as the opportunity to earn the capital to start their new venture.  Throughout the program they will be given several opportunities to hone their professional leadership skills as they help operate a variety of strategic business units owned by Wealthy People, Inc.

WPI has also partnered with NEFE to provide a basic understanding of financial management principles to each student.

The alternative education industry within the United States is currently focused on students who are at-risk of becoming a high school dropout.  In most instances, these alternative schools are poor at keeping the youth from dropping out as demonstrated by their average 25% success rate.
  This is also proven by current statistics provided by the US Department of Education that state the national dropout ratio is 30%.  WPI is truly creating a new and unique industry with this endeavor.

WPI students will not incur any tuition costs and will have only limited costs associated with living expenses. 



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