Wealthy People, Inc.                           

We Excel At Life Through Helping Young People


Wealthy People, Inc. (WPI) is a not-for-profit, 501c3, corporation.  We were formed to give a second chance to young adults.  Many of these young adults have the desire, passion and skills to succeed.  They only want a second chance.  We know they deserve it! 

 To manage hunger                                        To eliminate hunger
            Create Food Banks                           Create JOBS

To manage homelessness                  To eliminate homelessness
            Create Shelters                                 Create JOBS

To manage poverty                              To eliminate poverty
            Create entitlement programs             Create JOBS


Our Mission:


Wealthy People, Inc. assists American youth in the development of the skills necessary to recognize the goal of successful business ownership and the associated creation of long-term employment opportunities throughout the United States and assists with the capitalization requirements to allow them to start a successful small business.  We do this while providing a safe environment for them to live and learn.

Wealthy People, Inc.
We Excel At Life Through Helping Young People


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